Saturday, January 13, 2007


Have you ever heard of S.A.D.? This time of year I understand how people can get completely lost in a world of gray, boring misery. I sat for a solid hour yesterday and watch some freaking squirrel with OCD rebuild his/her nest. He (or she, who the heck knows without getting way too friendly with a wild squirrel.) would go out on a limb, chew off a stick, go back and stick it in his nest over and over and over. After I realized I had been watching him for an hour and was completely engrossed in this nesting thing of his I thought maybe it was time I got out and did something so I went to a basketball game. I watched kids run back and forth, back and forth and try to put the ball in the nest....err I mean net for a couple of hours. Today I am watching it rain. When my daughter gets home we are going to sears to pick up a toolbox my husband ordered so at least I have something to look forward to. My house looks like it was home to a wild party in the last few days and my laundry is way past needing done, but for some reason I don't care at all. I could lay down right now and sleep for another few hours or watch the deer eat acorns out of the yard but I don't think I can handle the excitement. I did hear rumors of snow in a few days, but the weather forcasters in our area can't tell me what it will do tonight with any accuracy at all so I don't believe them when they say snow Monday and Tuesday. It is 60 degrees outside now and has been that much more than it has been cold this winter. I don't like cold weather but I do like a little snow so I can watch the idiots that think they can get up the hill by my house slide in the ditch over and over. They do it every year. We make popcorn, and listen for cars all everning. I do believe I need a life!


kim said...

Oh my gosh--I think you crawled into my head! Well, not quite THAT bad, but I feel what you're saying! There are TWO fascinating squirrels in my backyard...Maybe we could get a special deal on some of those therapeutic lights they make for S.A.D. people. I, for one, am ready to try it--how about you?

FYI, I came here through Kristie's page!

kim said...

Well, Katy, it's me again; it was my honor to be your first commenter! I liked it so much, I also decided to be the second--HA!

THANK YOU for the comments; here again, glad I'm not the only one who does more than one comment sometimes; we are NOT stalkers, we just have wisdom to impart :)!

I thought "We Are Marshall" was an incredible story, and I think everyone of every age should see it; I, for one, will be buying it when it comes out on DVD. I tell everyone to see it. I cannot imagine how devastating it must have been to the community! So much loss!

I'm not even ashamed to say that my Zoloft dosage was just upped--HA! Haven't done the therapy, and I'm valiantly trying to keep it that way; hence, the blog. I have been writing since I was old enough to write, and it has always been my therapy and I'm hoping that will be the case now, too--but, then again, I've never been this big of a mess before. Which would be a little funnier if it weren't so true--HA! No, really, although you can't tell from the blog, I have many, many more good times that bad; but I just decided that the blog was going to be where I could say what I wanted, no matter how "dark." Someday I might lighten up!

I ALMOST got some sunshine this morning, but now it's back to that lovely, sloggy shade of gray. AAARRRGGGHHHH! Look out, squirrels!