Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring along the Ohio River

I may be pushing it a little but I wore capri's and a t-shirt to town today to help my DH work on one of his little old ladies houses. After school my DD and friend went to play tennis across the river in Ky. They figured out quickly they weren't very good at it but they sure looked cute;) which I think is the whole idea behind tennis skirts anyway.
I stopped by my mom and dad's house and mom mentioned she would like to take DH and me up to Amish country for a few days soon. I LOVE Amish country. I love the little stores and auctions and watching the Amish children walking to school. The last time we were there a few years ago I witnessed some things that confused me for awhile. We went to the Der Dutchman restaurant where all these nice women dressed like Amish wait on you and then we went out back behind the restaurant to look at some Amishmen working a field and saw quite a few of these "Amish" getting off of work from the restaurant. They jumped in their mustangs and on the back of their boyfriends motorcycles and headed off in a cloud of dust. I guess they hire locals to dress like Amish. It is interesting to see the Amish farms because once in a while you will see a car hid behind a barn because the teenagers have their "running around years." I know how to pronounce the word for the teenagers wild years but I sure can't spell it. I have always been interested in the Amish way of life. I know I could never live it, but to have those values and live without the "extra's" would be wonderful, if I wasn't already spoiled with my electricity and stuff. We went without electricity for 8 days during a big ice storm a few years back and that was enough for me, though I got through it better than I thought. I think I would probably be skinny if I was Amish because I can not imagine having to grow all my own food. I would start out with a bang but I'm sure I would grow more weeds than food;-)
Kim....I will be sending you some new pics of the puppies soon. They are growing so fast and are amazing. The first born that my son wants to keep is the bully of the bunch. He growls and tries to tackle the others, but ends up rolling over on his back and not being able to get back up. The black one I love is the lovey dovey one. I put him on my husbands tummy last night and he curled up and went to sleep on his flannel shirt. He is also the one
that cried and tries to get you to pick him up. I am trying to get them to eat soft food and they get the idea, they just walk into the middle of it and then fall down and smear it all over everything...they are so cute!

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