Monday, March 26, 2007

home again home again jiggity jig

Amish country was wonderful....relaxing and more "white food" to eat than anyone should have eaten. I love that comfort white food. My poor husband ate himself silly and swears he is still bloated from all the goodies. We walked around the little towns and shopped until our legs were sore, but we loved it. The little Amish kids peeking out of their parents buggies and the evenings were full of teenagers out in their courting buggies riding their sweethearts around. We would drive by the hundreds of farms in the area and little amish children out playing in the was so peaceful.
I am getting ready to clean my dining room from top to bottom so I can redecorate with some of the stuff I bought....nothing helps me clean like new stuff to put out. The carpet has to be cleaned and I do dread that...but it will be worth it in the end.
When we were leaving Sunday morning it was super foggy outside and we saw two ambulances and a fire truck fly through town. I always hate to see stuff like that because it was church day for the Amish and I am afraid someone hit a buggy. It was so foggy you couldn't see much at all. I had just mentioned to by DH the night before when we went out at 10 and walked to the store that I hadn't seen a policeman all weekend. They are about nonexistant around those parts and I guess they need them less than most places. It was probably something different but you can't help but wonder. I remember once we were at the beach and the night before we left for home a big storm came up and caused all kinds of damage. As we were loading our cars to leave we could see a search team on the ocean looking for something or someone. They had dozens of personal water craft and were all searching in squares. Each persons square was about as big as a football field and they were going around the outside of their square and moving toward the middle. I never knew what happened, though I heard someone say something about a small tour boat sinking. I hate not knowing but there isn't anything I can do to help.
I started this post two days ago and just had a minute to finish between puppy feedings. I'm trying to start some house training so the new owners will have a head start and that isn't easy unless you can watch them any time they are awake. I still haven't cleaned my dining room but I did go get a storm door my husband put up today. I'm going to get that dining room and the kitchen clean by the weekend if it kills me, and it very well could!

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kim said...

Hi Katy! I loved the comment you left me. When I was a kid/teenager, my Mom would cook stuff I liked, or bring something home for me that was a complete surprise--but no hugs, few kisses and not too many "I love you's". When I was about 18, I decided to teach her to enjoy hugging. It took a while, but it worked. And then when I was older, it got so that whenever we were together, we had to be touching in some way. It was wonderful, and I was so happy that our relationship developed in that way. Always, though, always--I knew she was in my corner, no matter what! I'm the same as you--with the remainder of my family, kids, grandkids and even my close friends, I can't say "I love you" and love them up enough. We have too few years on this earth to be any other way, is how I see it.

Again, I'm so glad you and your honey had such a great weekend getaway. Any pix to share with me? How about the fur babies--they made it through the weekend with your boys :)? My friend's brother just got himself the most beautiful little (well, BIG little) 8-week-old Golden Retriever puppy. Man, between that puppy and your babies, the wheels in my mind are really going!

You know, Katy, it always makes me really happy when I see you've left me a comment. I like the things you say, and the way you say them; it's like you "get" me, ya know? Just so ya know you're appreciated!