Saturday, March 03, 2007


I have spent the last few days between work and puppies watching the horror on tv from tornados and bus crashes. I just can not imagine the terror those kids and their parents must have felt. Too many young lives lost way too young.
Today is going to be a stay at home and try to clean up the kitchen day. I was going to get a haircut and shop a little, but my DD got a better offer from prom date boy to go watch him get a tattoo. A TATTOO! I remember when people with tattoos were either ex-servicemen or punks....At least thats the way we thought in our rural little area. Now the Senior class President has to wear long sleeves to cover his for graduation. I'm getting old ! I watched a high school basketball game few months back that a third of the players had tattoos. I've seen some pretty tattoo's I just don't want one. I thought about getting a butterfly once, but realized at the rate I was gaining weight and with gravity starting to kick in I would have a pterodactyl one day ;) My future grandchildren would be scared of the Grandma with the dinosaur on her back, so I just decided to leave my skin as it was. I am guessing that one day I can just connect the liver spots and make my own.

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kim said...

HAHAHA--Katy, you chicken! HAHAHA! I did notice, however, that in the last few months since "the girls" decided to take their trip south in earnest, my "Bill & Kim" heart does seem a little longer and skinnier...HA! However, my grandchildren that know about it (not all do) think it's kinda cool. I love them. HA!