Wednesday, March 07, 2007

hair care tips and more

Yeah I am just kidding with that title. I did actually go to and graduate from Cosmetology school and did very well, but was expecting my son at that time and never got my license. I just wanted to be a mommy and stay at home and I did that until my kids were in school and even then I only worked hours that would allow me to take them to school and pick them up. I now work a little later a few days, but am home no later than an hour after my daughter gets home. I know they are old enough to take care of themselves but I have a very strong momma instinct and want to be there even if they don't need me. Poor kids they probably wish I would stay at work.
I have been trying for weeks to get a haircut. I mean literally weeks and weeks.Why haven't I gotten my hair cut? I keep waiting on my daughter to go with me and something always comes up. Monday we went to a revival and I am glad I did. Great preaching with a great message about churches and how we get comfortable with our everyday church and don't reach out to those "troubled" people that might mess up our happy little church. Why invite drug users and alchoholics when our church goes along fine with who we have and no one causes any trouble. Interesting talk starting with the "fishers of man" message that went in to fishing nets and what they are. They are just holes, tied together with string. He talked about how some churches were guilty of not mending their nets and throwing them out. We are letting people fall through the holes that we don't want to deal with. I see that in a lot of churches and I am just as guilty. I used to invite people all the time and bring the kids friends with me and now I can't get to church myself. I'm working on that one.
Last night I thought we may make it to town for a hair cut and no one of my DD "boy" friends she talks to wanted to come out if he got off of work in time. I can't leave her here alone with him so I stayed home. So you think he got off of work early enough............NO. I fell asleep at 10 with long messy hair in knots. Tonight is the teens and kids talent show at church. I didn't think I would go but got an interesting email from my Uncle the youth leader talking about singing "Great Balls of fire" at church and playing the piano. That man can play some mean piano and it should be interesting to see what the older people think of his performance. If I could hold out a few more months I could probably donate to locks of love which I would LOVE to do but my hair breaks off so bad and gets so frizzy I figure no one would want it......

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