Friday, April 20, 2007

Old Age

I've been feeling particularly old lately. I think it's just the whole teenager thing and the knowledge that they will be leaving me soon. I also think I need to get off of my butt and exercise more to get some energy. We are aging, but not as much as the rest of the world thinks we are. I turned 40 last winter and got my first AARP magazine the next day. My husband keeps getting things in the mail from electric wheelchair companies. My son turned 18 last summer and immediately started getting letters from companies wanting to sell him insurance to go with his medicare converage. Someone some where got his 18th birthday confused with his 65th. He gets letters from local hospitals and doctors warning him to schedule a colonoscopy soon because cancer strikes men of "his age" with alarming frequency. He gets letters trying to sell him senior life insurance, so his loved ones won't have to worry about final expenses.
My daughter on the other hand is known as the 16 year old she is. She gets magazines with prom dresses and makeup in the mail. She gets letters from colleges all the time. Yesterday she got one from Yale.YALE..imagine that. Now if she didn't have a wimpy mother who is too scared to let her go off that far. I'm hoping she will go to Marshall University. How much more glamorous could she ask for than a college that just had a movie made about it and is RIGHT ACROSS THE OHIO RIVER within driving distance. Oh well I guess I will cross that bridge when we get to it (teehee) and she deserves to go to whatever college she wants to go to.

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