Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The longest afternoon of my life

Yesterday afternoon started out just like all other afternoons. It was my short day at work so I got home around noon, fixed lunch for me and superhubby and then at 2 kissed him goodbye. I went on about my day (fed puppies and let them run around the yard and then tried to take a nap) and at 3:20 the phone rang. "Ms. M. is superhubby home?" I told them he was at work and then the man informed me he was from work and superhubby hadn't shown up. I wasn't too worried yet because one of the bridges into WV is closed and at times the traffic gets backed up. I got off of the phone and tried to call his cell phone and got his voicemail. I waited a little and at 3:45 the phone rang again and it was his boss. "Ms. M. I don't want to worry you but superhubby is never late and he still isn't here." Then I got worried. I actually got sick to my stomach worried. I knew his car could have broken down where he doesn't have cell service ( because we don't get cell service anywhere near home but on top of the highest hills) but surely he would have found a phone to call me by now to come and get him. I knew if he broke down he would have called because I would have had to bring a trailer to pick up his car. I tried to stay calm and DD and I started out for WV on the route I thought he would have taken to work. The roads he drives on are small hilly, curvy roads with few guardrails. DD drove and I told her he probably was just broke down but I searched over every hill, in every creek and over every bridge. I had flashbacks all the way of when boy that lives with me but isn't mine wrecked on one of these same road and ran into the creek and killed one of his and my sons best friends when his car went underwater. I kept looking and making myself look calm to DD. When we finally got to the river I called again before we went back and tried another route; it was 4:30 and superhubby had just gotten to work. The urge to wring his neck was great but the urge to hug him was greater. He had went his normal route, but the signs had blown down that said the road was closed on the other end. He had to turn around and went an alternative route where he encountered a head on collision. He had to wait there for an hour. The only other route would have made him backtrack 15 miles home and then go 30 miles in the opposite direction from work and double back. He decided to wait, but there was no cell service. He then got in the traffic at the bridge being used by twice as many people as usual. He was in a horrible mood because superhubby is never late for work and doesn't believe in taking off of work even if you are sick. He once worked with pneumonia when the doctor told him to take at least 10 days off. He went back to work after his appointment. He is stubborn, and he is ok and for that I am thankful.


kim said...

Oh my gosh, Katy, I was so nervous until you finally revealed Superhub was okay! Bill was the exact same lunatic way about going to work as long as you were able to draw at least one ragged breath. That's how I knew something was SERIOUSLY wrong with him before the diagnosis; he actually stayed home from work once. I am SO glad everything is okay; you don't need me to tell you this, but hug him extra tight. I love the way you write about him; the deep way you feel about him is so obvious and that is SO nice to hear! I was also pretty excited to see the pictures, above, of the puppies. Awwww, how cute are they anyway!!!!

Monkling said...

I'm glad I saw the other post first because I knew if you were posting puppy pictures, things had to be okay.

Frank's like that, too, about work. Although he did take off a few days when he had pneumonia.