Sunday, June 10, 2007


This evening after superhubby got home from work I took him to an old pizza place we haven't been to in years. This place used to be his favorite place but for some reason we haven't been there in many years. These people make a mean pizza with lots of toppings. DD is babysitting for one of her teachers and the 3 boys we have here tonight are playing games.
On the way home we called the boys and DS informed me the electric was off. Where we live the electric used to be off quite a bit. It was nothing for the electric to be off for a few days several times a year. It would go off for an evening at least once a month. We had an ice storm 6 or 7 years ago and the electric was off for 8 days. The last few years the electric coop here has done a lot of tree trimming and putting in new poles that make the electric much more reliable. We still are well prepared for electric outages. We have flashlights by the dozen, gas cook stoves to cook outside with and a woodburner in the basement to heat by or cook on if its too cold outside. We also have a camper with a gas fridge for those times it will be off for quite a while.
I actually enjoy an evening once in a while with no electric. We get out old board games, cards and pictures and have a good time. I do remember that when it was off for 8 days my kids said they never wanted to see UNO again. You really have no idea what darkness is until you live way out in the country and have no electricity. I went outside a little while ago and looked at the stars...thousands and thousands of stars. I can see thousands of stars every night but without pole lights and lights shining out of the house you see thousands more faint stars everywhere. It was pitch dark because even at 11PM this time of year the moon is behind one of the many hills around us and the sky is black with twinkling stars everywhere. The noises that come out of the woods are interesting too, but I don't worry too much about those as long as superhubby is within yelling distance. I know there are coyotes, fox and skunks everywhere (trust me I had to shut all the windows last night due to a skunk) but they don't really scare me as long as I know what they are.
Well I think I have went on long enough about absolutely nothing. I am headed off to cut superhubbys hair! The things we do around here after midnight.

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Monkling said...

Over here I get excited when I can see more than 3 stars. Of course there are the times we'll look up and say, "Is that a star? No, wait. It's just a plane."