Friday, June 22, 2007

What the heck is a blog?

Superhubby is not a computer person. He really never wanted anything to do with computers until he started having to use them a little at work. His idea of surfing the internet is "hey would someone look up toolboxes at Sea*rs and yell at me when you find them." Superhubby is not known for his patience and we have dial up. Those two things do not mix well. I remember a few years ago when he was trying to look up something on the internet and I kept hearing him mumble under his breath. He spent an hour clicking on one web page, waiting for it to load, mumbling under his breath clicking back and then clicking on the next page. He was not happy at all and no one wanted to sit and click on things for him. Finally after at least an hour I heard him yell at the computer " YOUR MOTHER WAS A CALCULATOR!" He then slammed the keyboard drawer in and stomped away. I'm sure the computer was ashamed and probably needed some serious therapy after than. People that know my hubby knows he is a great person who loves to help people, he just can't understand why anyone would intentionally sit at a desk and type things when they could be outside mowing or building something.
Anyway back to my point...superhubby was recently listening to DS and me talk about my blog. He was not impressed that I have a place I talk about him on the internet. I explained that no one that actually knows him reads this (other than Trina who probably drops in once in a while) and he is more than welcome to read it anytime. I then explained the whole superhubby, DD and DS concept. He was ok with that but declined to read because that would mean having to sit and click things and wait on them to load. I don't think my computers self esteem could stand it.


Monkling said...

My husband doesn't read my blog because he works with computers all day long & is sick of them by the time he gets home. Besides, he already hears all my stories.

If I had dial-up, I think I'd shoot the computer. I have to side with your husband on that one. You deserve some sort of special patience award.

kim said...

HAHAHA--YOUR MOTHER WAS A CALCULATOR--THAT'S GREAT! I'm sure that when you tell Superhub that your blog friends think he is also super witty, he will be more interested! :)

I agree with The Monkling on the dial-up situation; I would definitely shoot the computer. Right after swearing at it and right before stomping on it. I think you have that kind of patience now because you are the Mom of teens and you're used to having to show great restraint and patience. Once your kids are adults, you'll be wanting to shoot the thing, too! HAHA! Any chance you'll ever get something OTHER than dial-up?