Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Superhubby's new toy

Yes superhubby got a new toy yesterday. It is something he has been wanting for a long time and since his birthday and Fathers day are so close we finally just caved in and got him a new pressure washer. He had so much fun last night and my old wooden picnic table looks like new again. The sidewalk looks newly poured and the porch lost the coffee stains from last week when he left his coffee on the porch and the neighbors dog knocked it off the table. He finally put it up as it got dark out and didn't have time to get it out today but I'm sure next weekend the outside of the house will be spotless.

On to other news.............letting every teenager that wants to stay at your house stay will make your once "good" living room look like this.
When boy that isn't mine but lives with me moved in I gave him and my son this room to have their friends over in and even put a dresser in the corner for the boy. They both had girlfriends at the time and I didn't want them to have girlfriends in the bedroom to watch movies when they didn't want to sit in the family room with us. This has worked out wonderfully as they can have girls or boys over, watch movies, play games and play on the computer when they want to without being right in the room with us, but they are close and we can see and hear what is going on. When the boy moved in I assumed it would be until he graduated high school, but I was wrong because he has been out of school for over a year now. When he moved in the curtain rods were straight, the lamps weren't on things up near the ceiling and the shades were on straight. The carpet also wasn't stained beyond repair. He is looking for an apartment now and I am praying harder than anyone he finds one.


Monkling said...

So I guess I shouldn't mention that right now, for the THIRD freaking day in a row, I am listening to the wonderful sound of a power washer as my neighbor cleans stuff. If I totaled up the # of hours I had to listen to it for the past few days, it would probably be about 24 hours. I want to move out to where you are.

kim said...

And I would imagine that you and Superhub were (and are) far too nice to get a security deposit, right? I will also pray for a quick apartment find for the son-who-is-not-yours.

Ann Marie said...

I was a "daughter that was not theirs" many years growing up. but I was treated like daughter that WAS theirs and I had rules. If i did that to my room I would have been in serious trouble.
don't get me wrong I was a teenager so I did dumb stuff but I got in touble for it and I did not destroy my home.
can you not talk to this kid???
I am sorry that happened to you.

kim said...

Hey Katy--Just missed you, so thought I would drop by and say a quick hi. And also to say that you are just TOO NICE of a person. It's just my opinion, and I realize I don't know this kid at all, but for pete's sake, if you don't wash his clothes, he wears 'em til they're too dirty and then buys new? If he can afford new clothes, he should be helping out with the household, ya know? Like I say, though, it's just my opinion--knowing nothing of the situation except for what you've said. I just don't like it when ANYBODY treats my friends in a way that isn't fair...so that's Kim's soapbox for today. HAHAHA!