Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where I come from.....

There is a song in that title somewhere.

It finally did rain, not a lot but enough to wet the garden a little and for me not to have to water it for the next few days. The weather is saying more tomorrow but they have been saying that for weeks. We are so far behind on rain now we will be in a draught for quite a while. I just want it to rain enough to plump up those blackberries that are starting to ripen. My BIL has acres and acres of wild blackberries and I am thinking I will try to make jam this year.

I thought I would wow you tonight by telling you a couple of exciting things about where I live. (that was meant with a little sarcasm, there isn't anything exciting here.) I live in Southern Ohio, in a tri-state area with WV and KY. There are very few things here to get excited about but we have had our 15 minutes in the spotlight in the last few years. Huntington WV is the site of Marshall University. Mathew Mcconaughey came to Huntington to film the movie "We are Marshall" which was a true story about a plane crash that killed an entire Marshall ball team. There was another movie made close by in Point Pleasant WV about the Mothman. If you haven't seen the Mothman prophocies it was a pretty good movie and based on something that some people in this area swear is true. I noticed that most of the people that claimed to have seen the mothman did so starting in November 1966, which was when I was born. This is the image of mothman that I found that reminds me most of the movie mothman.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the movie that it was pretty interesting and of course I liked seeing places that I have seen in real life. I'm glad I have never seen the mothman because I think most people that see him dies.....I'm not ready for that.
Ok, it's late, this post isn't making much sense and I need sleep.

Have a great Thursday everyone!


Monkling said...

For those of us who live in big cities, we like hearing about other places. I dream of what you have - peace and quiet. Although it sounds like a bit of a trade off being without DSL.

kim said...

I agree with The Monkstress--peace and quiet = good; dial-up = not so good :)! And that whole Mothman thing--never heard of that before but, of course, now I want to know more. Sounds spooky. And I think I'm glad you've never seen him/it. I think we talked about it before, but I loved the movie "We Are Marshall"--I love local movies. We had a bunch of them made here in the 1980s/early 1990s but nothing much since.