Saturday, June 23, 2007

What I really need

I found this on quite a few sites and they were challenging others to do this too. Go to google, type in your name needs in parenthesis. Mine was "katy needs" and list the top 10 things Google thinks you need.
1. Katy needs to get home and get home soon. Voila! I'm there.
2. Katy needs volunteers to teach junior achievement.
3. Katy needs a pony. I'm pretty sure a pony is one of the last things I need.
4. Katy needs to understand that her outlook could negatively affect the performance of her department.
5. Katy needs to butch it up a little. Ummmm........I don't think so.
6. Katy needs to wear a ballgown. Maybe my next trip to wal mart I'll pull one out of the closet. (HA out of the closet....#5 get it. Sometimes I'm glad superhubby doesn't read this, that may confuse the poor guy a little)
7. Katy needs some good restaurants. I agree with that one!
8. To survive into adulthood Katy needs a new liver. I hope she gets one, whoever she is.
9. Katy needs a name. I thought I had one.
10. Katy needs special help, please. I'm afraid some people may agree with this one.
I couldn't resist one more........
It sounds to me like Katy needs it and needs it bad. (This from someone called naughtykaty who is posting on a board about spanking, and not as in parent child spanking)

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kim said...

HAHAHA--I tried this and I just thought it was my duty to tell you that Kim also needs it and needs it bad :). Yeah, what else is new???? HA! Kim also apparently needs to SHUT UP. I wasn't sure if I should be offended or not, but I do know it's gonna take a lot more than that to shut ME up! That was fun!