Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Superhubby!

Ok, Kim I fixed the comments section. I have to click allow each time or it won't.

Happy Birthday Superhubby (who never reads this and probably doesn't even know it exists)

Today is superhubbys birthday. I won't get to see him today but I did call him from work today to wish him a Happy Birthday. He is a wonderful man and I am so lucky to have him. I may find a way to stay awake until he comes home.

Yesterday DD and I went to a local state park so I could take some pictures. I'm trying to combine my pictures with exercise because I am much more excited about walking around to take pictures than to exercise. A few year ago our local state park built a long walkway running along the edge of the lake so handicapped people could enjoy the lake. It was such a wonderful thing for them to do and I'm so glad everyone can enjoy the lake.

Of course I used the time to get some pictures of one of my favorite subjects.........

Then after we walked up and down the boardwalk we turned around and walked back. DD was walking fast and having a great time and I was lagging a little when we got back. It didn't help that the toilets in the parking lots of the old fashioned hole in the ground type and the smell when we walked by was horrible.


Monkling said...

Bahahaha! I was going to email you to complain about the no comment thing but I see Kim beat me to it!

I absolutely love that walkway along the lake. Plus you have just given me a really good idea & I'm going to follow your lead. I'm getting off my butt, going out walking & taking photos.

My husband doesn't read my blog either unless I tell him to look at a specific entry. I do hear him chuckle when he reads it but I think mostly the man is sick of staring at a monitor all day. Tell yours Happy Birthday from the Blog World of Weirdos.

kim said...

Now it's my turn to Bahahaha! Really, I'll bet Superhubby is just thrilled with the birthday wishes from the Blog World of Weirdos! Bahahaha! As I always say, for all anybody knows in Blog World, we could have two heads and glow in the dark! There's just something very comforting in thinking that someone might like you so much based just on your inspired writing that they might not notice the after-effects of your industrial accident :)!

It always amazes me that ANYBODY reads my blog, so I'm particularly grateful to those who do (how particularly pathetic is that?). If Bill was alive, even though he loved me more than I thought was possible, even he would only read it if there were pictures! :) So that means, he'd be over here, reading yours! HAHAHA!

kim said...

Hi Katy--Hope you've got a fun weekend planned. Will you and Superhub do anything to celebrate his b-day? Speak of not being able to get new carpeting for your dining room quite yet, how are those pups?

canape said...

Happy birthday to the Superhubby (albeit late)!

I was trying to email you some interview questions, but I don't seem to have the right email address. If you shoot it over my way, I'll send you the questions :)