Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pain update

I've been way too quiet the last few days but I will get back on here tonight and post. My life is just so full and wonderful (no wait thats someone elses blog) my life is busy and it is freakin hot here. It is 95 and humid in the shade. It is getting cloudy again, which it has every day, but no rain so far. I am so sick of watering things, I just need a couple of days off from watering.
DD and I are headed to WV to a mall to have some retail therapy since her BF is too busy to come see her again. I will post tonight, unless we get a storm that knocks the electric out, which would be ok too.
PS I got over my soreness quickly so I guess I didn't do any damage to myself after the whole pressure washer accident.


kim said...

I am so happy to hear that BOTH of your girls are back to normal. Or is "normal" too hopeful a word to use. Hope you and DD have a good time on your quest for therapy of the retail variety; wish I was there to go with you two! What do you mean, DD's BF is too busy to go with her? What's wrong with that BF anyway--she needs to get her priorities straight! HA! It's been hot and humid here, too, but today was a lot nicer. It's been a very strange June, weather-wise.

Monkling said...

I am so glad Theresa has lots of friends to go to the mall with. I despise shopping. Well unless it's for fun stuff like cameras, computers... Did I ever mention I'm not the typical female? What? You already figured that one out all on your own?