Monday, June 04, 2007

What I did on my day off

No matter what I try this post is either spread way out or it bunches up on me so do your best.

Today I went to Ironton, the nearest small town and climbed up all of these steps to bring you pictures of our little town. You can only see about half of the steps from here but trust me, it is a long way to the top. These steps lead to an over look over our little town.

From the top of these steps you can see things like this, which is our little strip mall type place right before you go into town. I don't know if this picture does justice to the amount of stairs I had to climb to take these pictures but it was the most exercise I have had in awhile. Our little town is very economically depressed. There are very few jobs here and the ones that are here are low paying.

What I like about camera's is that you can't see from here how sad our once busy little town has become. The bridge you see goes across the Ohio river into Kentucky.

Right before I went to take these pictures it finally rained. It rained pretty hard and I think it washed the yuck out of the atmosphere and left me with a beautiful sunset to try to capture pictures of. I tried my best but I still need some practice.


kim said...

Katy, I think your sunset picture is just beautiful! And you are a brave, brave woman to climb all of those steps! Even though I hate it when once-vital little towns turn "economically depressed." Especially little towns with beautiful backdrops, like yours. What makes me really happy is that on your day off, you got to play with your new camera, and start to get familiar with it. And we win by getting to see pix such as that sunset!

Monkling said...

3 years ago we were in Cincinnati and walked across a bridge into KY but that's way further west. I was told that bridge was a model for the Brooklyn Bridge, which I have not yet had the chance to walk across. I guess I'll have to lug along the good camera when I do that, eh?

Nice pictures. Seems like you've done a good job of learning how to use all those fancy buttons & settings.