Sunday, June 10, 2007


Free 6 month Netflix giveaway here I have never tried netflix but I would really enjoy it if I won it. With all the teenagers at my house I never get to choose a movie.


Monkling said...

I love Netflix! That's because I'm lazy & I like having the movies come to me rather than going out. And they have a much bigger selection than any video store I've ever been in.

Hope you win.

kim said...

As usual, I am right there with Monkling. Netflix is the BEST! I have not rented from anywhere else since I started Netflix. And, right now, because I'm so busy doing stuff around here and outside and don't have the time or attention span for movies at home, I put my Netflix account on hold. You don't have to pay, but you still have your account and your queue for whenever you want to start back up again. It's TOO cool, and you will love it when you win--YOU WILL WIN, KATY!!!!

I'm kissing up to you for trying to steal your smooches from Waterman's Wife....HAHAHAHAHA! That was SO funny. You make me smile and laugh, and I think you're wonderful, too! Plus you have a really handsome Superhubby, a gorgeous DD, nice DS, and cute've got it ALL goin' on, girl! HA! By the way, how's Mama Dog doing?