Monday, June 18, 2007

Things that make you go Ooohh

My DS has decided to clean his room out and move back into it. When boy that lives here but isn't mine moved in he and my son both started staying in the front living room so they could combine video games and movies. DS's bedroom became a dumping ground for everything. To put it mildly it was a complete and horrible mess. I could get about 2 steps in the door and then I was blocked by games, clothes, hats and every other conceivable thing. I had been threatening to clean it out myself but I just didn't have the stamina it would have taken to do it. Then out of the blue last week he decided he wanted his own room back and he started cleaning with superhuman strength. DD loves to clean so she jumped in and together they made him one heck of a hangout. He put an entertainment center in with tv, stereo and games. He put his desk and laptop back. He put the mini fridge in there and stocked it with pop, milk and water. He brought his electric guitar and amp upstairs. He cleaned out stuff that has been there way too long. I understand why he wanted to get rid of this...from like 1st grade.

I can even understand why he doesn't need this, even though it was his favorite toy for many years....and is still his fathers favorite toy.

I will NEVER understand why he wanted to get rid of the dozen or so pairs of these. They are a size 3 and I still think they are so cute and just because he is getting ready for his sophmore year in college doesn't mean he can't have these.....does it?


Monkling said...

First I was going to ask if it's my son you have there because we have identical items someplace up in the attic. Then I realized your DS is the same age as my daughter & I want to know how to get her to clean up her room. Maybe you can send your son here to help?

Monkling said...

P.S. How's the headache?

kim said...

I think those little undies are just the cutest things I've ever seen! Isn't it just amazing how fast time flies by?