Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just a few pics to end the day

I was doing a little nature watching this evening. I got a few pictures with 4 hummingbirds at the feeder at once but there were more flying around my head, trying to poke those sharp little beaks in my eye.

While I was taking pictures of the hummingbirds I realized the puppies I had brought outside with me had disappeared. I really need to keep a better eye on them. I headed to the backyard and toward the woods and guess who I found in the watermelon/cucumber/melon patch?

Buddy thought he heard something in the woods. He probably did hear a deer or a fox but he didn't worry about it too long.
Daisy ran from me for so long she finally collapsed on the ground panting. She didn't stay long though, she ran as soon as I put the camera down and tried to get her catch her. She has more jack russell in her than the others and she has an over abundance of energy like one.

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Monkling said...

Quick! Where's my list for why I'm not getting another dog when Nicky goes home to Jesus? That's why puppies are so darn cute. They suck you right in.