Monday, June 11, 2007

Beaks of steel

I spent a little time this afternoon watching some of my favorite birds. These things buzz around my yard (mostly around my head) all day every day. I love watching them but sometimes they get a little close for comfort with those pointy little beaks.

Isn't my feeder gross looking? I can't get it clean because the neck is about the size of a pencil and nothing will reach in there. I rinse it out with soap and water every week but it still looks bad. The hummingbirds don't seem to mind. The red thing in the background is my husbands new tool cart, which is the second one he has bought this year. I don't know why it was on the side walk other than he wanted me to see it again. I love that man!


kim said...

You are really gettin' the hang of that new camera, aren't you? To be honest, I love Superhub's bright red tool cart in the background of that pic; it adds color and interest but isn't distracting from the main theme. I sound pretty photo-savvy for a person who knows NOTHING about it, huh? HAHAHA! Are you going to e-mail a pic of yourself to Ree? Why do I feel compelled to share a picture on her site when I don't even have one on my own? HAHAHA! Great...yet another thing on this computer I've got to try to figure out how to do. Time to get out the "Windows XP for Dummies" again.

Oh, The Joys said...

Do you get hummingbirds?