Thursday, June 14, 2007

My evening in review

DD and I went to Kentucky this evening to do our regular grocery/dog treat shopping. We stopped on the way along the Ohio river to take a few pictures.

Where we live it is easy to get to Kentucky or WV and we actually do most of our shopping in those two states because the town in Ohio near us has very few stores left. DD loved the Barges so we snapped a few pictures as one was going by.

The sun was setting and the colors along the river were so pretty. Pinks and purples are DD's favorite colors so she loved the sunset today.

The sun kept getting lower and I had to take a few more before it disappeared behind the hill for the last time.

We found out a little later that the brilliant colors were there because a storm was brewing. We drove through some rain and watched the lightning and heard lots of thunder. We made it home to a DRY yard because of course the rain skipped around us again. We are getting used to it but I wish I had watered stuff before we went because we got home at 11 and I have this phobia about walking around the back yard in the dark. I like to see the snakes before they see me. I guess tomorrow evening I will be watering everything in sight.
It's midnight and time for superhubby. He is going to be shocked that I am up.....


kim said...

And why were you waiting up for Superhub, hmmmmmm? HAHAHAHA!

Love your pix! The one with the pinks and purples and the bridge is beauteous. And, of course, "D" is she anyway? Her hair is getting so long!

We need rain in a bad way here, too, but I don't think it will be happening anytime soon. We have already had temperatures in the 90s but the humidity hasn't been TOO bad yet. Surprisingly enough, I'm not sick of it yet!

Again, thanks for sharing the photos; I love them!

Monkling said...

It's fun having a daughter to do those sort of trips with. Of course my girl has been busy with her friends but that's what summer is for.

Love the photos.

kim said...

Hi Katy--Did you miss me? HAHAHA! I read you have a monster I hope you're feeling better. Missed ya.