Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good old Bob

This is Bob. Bob started by making his own sausage and serving it in his 12 stool cafe after ww2. His first restaurant was about 30 minutes from here on his large farm. The farm is still there and the barns and outbuildings have been renovated and turned into craft barns. His old house, still on the farm is a museum.
This restaurant serves breakfast all day, but also has lunch and dinner. My favorite is breakfast. You can choose from large plates of sausage, bacon, eggs, hot cakes, potatoes, gravy and home made biscuits or one of these....

Crepes -Two delicate crepes filled with vanilla cream cheese and smothered with sweet raspberry or strawberry and banana topping.
Hotcakes- A stack of three large buttermilk, multigrain, plump blueberry or sweet cinnamon fluffy hotcakes served with warm syrup.Add sweet Raspberry or Strawberry topping for 99 cents
Stuffed French Toast-Three slices of cinnamon-battered French toast with vanilla cream cheese and sweet raspberry or strawberry topping.
Stacked and Stuffed Hotcakes -You've never had hotcakes like these! We take two stuffed hotcakes, stack them with vanilla cream cheese, add more delicious toppings, then finish with whipped topping and sprinkling of powdered sugar.
Strawberry Banana CreamStuffed with slices of fresh banana then covered in fresh strawberry topping and more banana slices.
Chocolate Banana CreamStuffed with chocolate chips and fresh banana slices then drizzled with chocolate fudge sauce.
Caramel Banana Pecan CreamStuffed with honey-roasted pecans and fresh banana slices then covered in warm, caramel sauce.

Hungry yet?


Ann Marie said...

I am thinking that right at this moment I hate you and even if you answer the question right on my blog you get NO SMOOCHIES.. none.. NOT EVER..
vanilla cream cheese that is as far as I got before i started weeping uncontrollably and my husband had to shut me up by mixing the vanilla ice cream we had in the freezer with the tub of sour cream we had ... it did NOT work.. I am still balling.
Shame shame shame on you!
when can I come visit and go to breakfast with you??

kim said...

I say let's all get together for breakfast by Katy's place, to celebrate the return of Mrs. Waterman! And I should get the gift certificate because we have many, many packaged Bob Evans items at our local Cub grocery; several of which I have purchased and enjoyed. So, basically, he's (or, rather, he WAS) a cute little old guy who was also VERY rich. If I had money, I could buy myself Google lessons because, apparently, I'm not real good at this time. I tried and I got NOTHIN'. Monkling, you are not alone.

I am so hungry for breakfast right now I would almost call a cab to deliver me some breakfast. HAHAHA!

Monkling said...

Damn this sieve of a mental-pausal brain! I read about that guy dying but totally forgot. We don't have those restaurants around here, not in the city or on Long Island. So when's breakfast?