Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This, that and the other stuff

Let me start by saying a big Thank You to Kimmy for this award. Kimmy is quickly becoming a "must read" blog. Her humor, taste in authors and the fact she likes chex cereal covered with chocolate and peanut butter makes her very smart in my book. She and I would get along well IRL because we would both read Jodi Picoult books with our mouth full of muddy buddies..and I'm sure she could whip up something good in her blender to wash it down with.(I also have a teenage daughter who could keep an eye on her children) I plan on passing this along to a few people in a few days....but today is too busy to sit around and wait on my dial up to let me read some blogs.

Yesterday was a busy day. It was the kind of busy I like. I worked a short day, came home and took a shower and then took off to my next appointment. To get to this appointment I had to drive down this road...which at one time I am sure had gravel on it but now is just a muddy path. It also rained all day yesterday.

I had to drive quite a way out this road and it is lonely. Very few houses or people and I never met another car. I did try to get these two inhabitants to stop and chat for a few minutes but they gave me that "deer in the headlight" look.

My final destination. Yes, this is where I was headed for my appointment. I'm sure some of you right now are saying "some people have all the luck and get to go see the most interesting things." Those of you not saying that are probably saying something like "Why would you ever want to intentionally stop at a place like this?"

This, my dear friends, is where my accoun$ant/income t$x preparer lives. I will say that you could not find a nicer bunch of people to do your taxes. They make good money doing this, but I guess they have other things to spend it on. You would not believe how many computers, printers, copiers and fax machines are inside those walls. The man who owns it is getting older and his health is declining. He is a veteran and fought hard for our country. He also makes sure all veterans who live in this area have a military funeral and he fights for veterans rights. Sometimes you have to believe that you can't judge a book by its cover...but at the same time you don't really want to touch that book.
Now I am off to try to get a hair cut. I have a funeral to go to tomorrow and I need cosmetic intervention. Have a great day tomorrow!


kimmy said...

Hey, that's what all the roads in Maine look like in the Spring. We call it our fifth seasn, "MUD SEASON."

We constantly have deer and wild turkeys out here too. I've had several close calls with my car!


kim-d said...

Even with all the mud, what beautiful scenery. If it wasn't for your dial-up situation, I would think you were the luckiest person alive for getting to see that kind of scenery everyday. But I'm so freakin' addicted to blogging, I could never deal with dial-up :(!!!!

And, as for your accountant/tax preparer? There's one on every block--HAHAHA! It sounds like he's a super person. It's hard to say what the deal is with the "property" situation!

And I'm thinking about you today, pal--praying for everyone involved, including you?

Do you look beautemous?

Monkling said...

That house looks like the one that was behind our house, growing up in Brooklyn. Tell me he doesn't have 2 huge St. Bernards out back.

Ann Marie said...

I want in on some of the Jodi Picoult action. I ADORE her. i have every one of her books.

Oh and your tax preparer I think was my babysitter from years ago. At least the house looks the same.

My mother left me there and she never said I will be back.. she just left me there on the side of the road. I wonder why she did that. :)

kim-d said...

Miss you, Katy! How's your AIM doing? Mine went goofy, but I'm gonna shut down and try it again. Just in case, ya know :)

Kellan said...

Congrats on the Excellent award!

That is a gorgeous ride - that beautiful road! Hope you have a good evening - see you soon. Kellan