Monday, January 07, 2008

Crime and punishment

A heinous crime has been committed. I am playing amateur detective and gathering evidence to use in the Myers family court of law.
The first piece of evidence.... this is the birdfeeder that usually sits on the pool deck.

The second piece of evidence...tiny little bird feathers spread out all over the sidewalk and driveway in front of the house.

The accused.....just look at that face..does that not look like the face of a killer?


kim-d said...

Yup, sure enough, that most certainly looks like Kitty Killer. A beauteous Kitty Killer. She can't help it, it's just instinct; I mean, when the bird's right there, what's a kitty to do. Imagine somebody putting a big plate of chicken and noodles in front of you. I rest my case. HAHAHA! How's DD doing?

Monkling said...

Heh, we must think alike because I did the same thing with Nicky when he tore apart his squeaking bird. I wish I could find those photos because I created an actual mug shot of him with the lines and all.

Kellan said...

He looks like our cat Snape and it is those innocent looking ones that you gotta keep an eye on! Hope DD is doing well - take care. Kellan

kimmy said...

That one guilty looking feline! But a very cute one!