Tuesday, January 15, 2008

this, that and the other

This morning we woke up to a little snow. It wasn't a lot of snow but the road was icy underneath it. This is a view down my driveway. The road I live on is almost two lane...but not quite. You have to be careful when passing someone because as you can see if you get off of the road it is straight downhill into the woods...no guardrails. Icy snow makes me nervous for the same reason, I don't look forward to seeing if I can make it without going over the hill.

My dog likes the snow for a few minutes at a time. I'm not sure why but she always puts her face in the snow and runs around.

And finally...this is one of koko's puppies. His owner brought him back this weekend to visit with us. He made himself at home on the kids family room couch and marked his territory on my DS's coat. He was the smallest puppy and we called him dozer because from the time he was born he would stick his nose under the other puppies and wiggle himself down deep under them for warmth.

Those of you out there with a few minutes I would like to ask you to spend a few minutes to pray for my friends husband. She is such a dear person and I love her to death and her husband was having trouble a couple of days ago and they found out it was crohns. By the time they figured out what it was he was so full of infection and his intestines were about all dead. Last night at 4AM his heart quit but they got it going again...His mother is dying of cancer and asking for him but his family is afraid to tell her...she has only a short time left and hasn't eaten for 3 days. Needless to say this family has more than they can handle right now....


kim-d said...

Oh, Katy--look at Dozer, isn't he a cutie!!!! Was Koko proud of her baby boy? Gosh, she was just getting ready to have those puppies when we started getting to know each other--WOW, it's been close to a year already!!!! Koko is just as beautiful as always--and why even TRY to explain why they do what they do. Now I wonder about all the other puppies! And you know I'm praying here...for your friend, her husband, her MIL, their children...all of them because that is such a tragedy.

Kellan said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your friends husband and his mother - my goodness - I will certainly keep them all in my prayers - they do have more than seems fair!!

I love the snow picture and the cute doggie pictures. Take care and stay warm. See you. Kellan