Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Houston we have a problem

I woke up this morning with a raging headache. I hate mornings when I wake up like that because those headaches do not go away....until about 2o minutes before I go to bed. I do not usually take a large amount of pills but on headache days I sometimes over do it. This morning I woke up and took a couple of ibuprofen...then a bit later took my daily water pill. I went on to work where my headache raged all day. My job isn't loud or too stressful unless it happens to be a day where a patient is having a bad day then sometimes there is a little stress. Today wasn't a stressful day but the headache raged on...and on. I remembered to take my other pill my doctor is letting me try to see if it helps with my ADD tendencies as soon as I got to work. About noon I decided to try a few more ibuprofen (or 3) but those didn't help at all. When I got home from work I was tired, hungry and headachy so I took 3 or 4 a couple more ibuprofen....nothing. I remembered this evening to take my other ADD helper pill and then about 8 I decided to take some tylenol pm. If I can't get rid of it I will sleep through it. I didn't realize how many pills I have taken today until........... I picked up a couple of hot tamales, popped them in my mouth, grabbed a glass of water and swallowed them down without chewing. I may need to think about my headache plan. The good thing is that my headaches like that are not something that happens too often. Now I need to try to eat a couple of hot tamales and actually chew.
Anyone who read yesterday's post and said a little prayer....Thank you. My friends husband is still in pretty bad shape and no one knows for sure if he is going to make it, he is doing a little better. His mother was taken to a hospice house yesterday because she slipped into a coma, which is horrible but she has had cancer for awhile so it wasn't a huge shock to the family, but sad none the less. The doctors there gave her 24 hours this morning so it looks like he will not be able to be by his mothers side. My mother also called me yesterday to tell me her Aunt is in the hospital and isn't supposed to make it to the weekend. When it rains it pours. I think I handled all of that well... but what gave me the headache was when SH called me late last night to inform me that he was on his way home from work but he was side tracked by an electric pole...which he hit with his car head on. He is fine, but the pole was in pieces and of course the explorer took a pretty good hit, but wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been and of course since he was ok..... I was ok...except for this darned where did I put those hot tamales.


kim-d said...

Oh Katy! Even though I already knew all of this, seeing it all there together in one post makes it all seem so much worse than it seemed when we were IM'ing about it! I think you need to get yourself the theater-sized box of Hot Tamales and eat the whole damn thing. Then start in on the Mike & Ikes, followed by some Good & Plenty. And a snicker for dessert. That should take care of the headache. At least you probably won't notice it quite as much, what with the upset stomach and all... :)

kimmy said...

I'll be thinking of you and your family...