Saturday, January 26, 2008

My turn

My very good bloggy friend Kim over at lifeafter has tagged me to do a meme. I will try my best. I am never very good at these things because it gives me a subject and I have to think about just that subject.....ADD people are not good at rules.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN BLOGGING? I started blogging on October 12, 2006. I never really meant to get into the blogging thing but somehow did, and I do enjoy it even though I know I'm not good writer...I just type what comes to mind.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START A BLOG AND WHO ARE YOUR MENTORS? I think I just lucked into finding someones blog and just enjoyed it. I don't really have any mentors because that would mean I am a serious writer and I'm not. I enjoy dozens of well written blogs, and some not so well written ones. My mother was an English teacher at a different school than the one I attended. That fact made some teachers expect more from me than I was capable of delivering. I always did ok but if I didn't do perfect I would hear "and your mom is an English teacher, you should know better." That and that alone was enough to make me quit trying. I was always one who did the exact opposite of what people told me to do. Remember when you had your children and the doctors said no hanky panky for 6 weeks....that was the best aphrodisiac in the world for me... how dare they tell me what I can't do. SH loved doctors to tell me that;-)

ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE OR JUST DOING IT FOR FUN? That is almost funny...again, I do not pretend to be a serious writer and I know my limitations...which are many so I am just doing this for fun.

WHAT THREE (3) THINGS DO YOU LOVE ABOUT BEING ONLINE?1. I love that I can write something here and people from all over the United States (and a few other countries) read it. It is amazing to me that I can type something here and someone can read it in NY 5 minutes later. 2. I love being able to put pictures and stories about the people I love on the internet and sharing them with my blogging buddies. 3. I love meeting new people through this blog. I could sit here in my underwear (which I don't do I promise) and talk to people and not get arrested like I would if I were to talk to people while I was in my underwear in umm, a shopping mall.

WHAT THREE(3) THINGS DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH ONLINE? 1. The knowledge that I censor myself because there are some people who might read this that do not have the same sense of humor I do and would not find some stuff humorous, or even clean. I know a lot of people that, if I wrote what I wanted too, would get upset and probably never talk to me again. I don't have anything bad to say about anyone who would read this.... but I do have a certain Jr. high sense of humor sometimes that would probably turn some people off. 2. Writing stuff that I think someone else would enjoy reading and not bore them to tears. 3. Finding the right balance between sharing and overstepping my bounds with my families privacy. I would share everything and it would not bother me one bit but my teens...they seem a little more private than I am at times.

Monkling and Ann Marie...of either or both of you read this....your turn.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Can you imagine if his certificate said Airman Shmoopy? How funny would that be?

Love your answers to these questions!!


kim-d said...

Me, too, Katy--I absolutely love your answers. Maybe that's because I'm sorta, just a little bit, well, okay...pretty much...fond of you. It was kind of a fun meme wasn't it? You and Monk? THE BEST.