Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It really tis the season!

Just to add a little to my last post I went outside and took a picture into my family room after dark. This is what it looks like to the hunters in the woods, only I am a little closer than they should be. The quilt in the chair is the quilt SH and I fight over at night, because the family room is the coldest room in the house. There are plenty of other blankets in that room but we both like the quilt.

I put some lights up on the porch last week but didn't turn them on until the weekend. I thought they were fine until I took this picture and then I figured out that they needed something else.

I went outside in the 34 degree windy night and added some to make it feel more balanced to me. I know it looks like some are out but that is just a picnic table sitting in front of the porch. I would like to move it but I do not have the energyto move a 250 lb. table and my toes were frozen because being the smart person I am I wore sandals.
Now if I could just get SH to get the lights to dance to some cool music.....then it would be Christmas.
Stay tuned on Saturday for a special post! A little hint? Do you like sharing recipes?


Monkling said...

I want a front porch. (Yes, I am pouting and whining when I say that.)

I'll probably be putting up some lights on Saturday before darling daughter gets home. If I let her do it, there will be tape on all the windows for the next 8 months.

Monkling said...

Oh, that sound of things bouncing on the floor? That would be the little suction cup thingies as they fall off the window. And this was after cleaning the damn window numerous times. Yeah, I'm a bit cranky today. That would be due to being woken up at 1 a.m. by (insert favorite curse words) teenager next door who was blasting his music until 2 a.m.

kim-d said...

Today is Friday, November 30 and I am here to say officially:


It is a gift TO ME that I get to know you and count you as a dear friend!


Kellan said...

Hey Katy - it looks beautiful and I laughed about the hunters (being too close)! I hear it's your birthday - is that right? If so, Happy Birthday! Have a great day and a wonderful weekend. See you soon. Kellan

Gayla McCord @ said...

Love the porch! If you play your cards right and this wind keeps up, you might just get my outside lights from here in Indiana too :)