Monday, November 19, 2007

Shame on me.....

This is what I'm hiding behind my kitchen garbage can. To be fair (and to give myself an excuse) we burn our garbage and its been windy and the yard is full of dry leaves so I have been burning things a little at a time and saving things like boxes for a couple of weeks.
I have been thinking about our eating habits lately and realized that we eat few veggies anymore. The ones we do eat are covered in cheese or butter borderline healthy. If we could count tomato sauce I would be listed as one of America's top health experts. I have heard that tomato products are good for your prostate so if I had one of those I would be able to stand up and pee like a 20 year old after a keg party. Since I don't have one of those and my doctor just put me on a water pill because my blood pressure is creeping up, I need to work on my food selection. Most evenings it is just me here or me and DD so cooking a meal seems silly. I need to find fast, healthy things that won't be so annoying to cook.
A week or so ago I was having a chocolate craving and went and opened DD's snack drawer. She has a drawer in her room she keeps snacks in so her father and I will leave them alone she and her friends will have them if they want them. In her drawer I found her chocolate Easter bunnies from the last two years and her giant Hershey's kiss and chocolate Santa's from last Christmas. If I wouldn't have fallen in love with that beautiful face right at birth I would swear she was switched with someone Else's child in the hospital. The self control and the fact that she is so smart makes me sure she got only the best from both sides of our family. Have I mentioned that she took her ACT's a month or so ago? She is a junior so I wanted her to take them once early this school year just to get the testing nervousness out of the way. That way she would be able to take it 2 or 3 more times and not have to be so scared of the test. She scored a 27....on her first try. A 27 along with a 4.0 average gets her a full scholarship to a couple of colleges around here. She will have an ACT prep class after Christmas at school that should help her raise it a few points which will help her gain access to a wonderful education at very little cost to her poor parents. Think of what she could accomplish if her mother made her eat her veggies. We did order from a pizza place tonight, but we ordered a salad....with cheese, ham and pepperoni. IT HAD LETTUCE AND TOMATOES TOO, I swear it did.


kim-d said...

Oh, I do know what you're talking about. I do like my veggies, but I like all the not-so-good stuff, too. Pizza is especially bad for me because the kind I like is akin to a heart-attack-on-a-plate. So last night I went healthy--Taco Bell. That included some lettuce and (very little) tomato--at least I think that's what it was! Hehe.

Monkling said...

What is really freaky is I was just saying the exact same thing to Frank - that we don't eat enough fruit & veges. But ya'll will be so proud. In honor of the kids coming home, my fridge is full of both (fruit & vegetables, not kids).