Monday, November 26, 2007

Because I am too lazy to make up a title

The day after Thanksgiving we woke up to this. After a summer of mostly 90 degree + days we weren't too upset to see this. Then today we had a 60 degree rainy day. Now the wind is starting to roar over the hills and the cold is coming back. I hope we don't have more of this when we wake up.

Today we went shopping and got a big bunch of our Christmas shopping out of the way. Thank goodness for Steve and Barry's. If you have never been to a Steve and Barry's store I recommend you find one. The prices are amazing.
I have decided since DS is living on his own I am using his bed as a gift wrapping center. My Grandma always used a spare bed to wrap gifts and I am finding it much better than spreading stuff all over the house. This is mostly todays haul.

When DD was docenting at the Lawrence county historical museum Saturday one of her "friends" Dave surprised her by stopping by with a dozen of her favorite color roses. Dave made a few brownie points with her on that one.Gun season for deer hunters started today. There is something weird about looking out your window into the woods and seeing people out there with guns and orange hats.

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kim-d said...

Tell my girlfriend Jen Aniston that those are beautiful roses for a beautiful girl, inside and out. Dave is obviously someone who knows a treasure when he sees it, and knows how to treat one, too! You have me in the mood for MORE Christmas shopping. Tomorrow after work, I'm coming there and we're going to Steve and Barry's, or whatever their names are! And I will take you out to lunch for an early birthday gift, for YOUR BIRTHDAY WHICH IS ON NOVEMBER 30! Hehehe! Great post!