Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday randomness......again

Try not to get too excited over this picture......this is my chimney. This chimney is attached to a woodburner in the basement that is our main heat for the winter. We also have a heat pump but we are on a rural electric co-op. Being on a rural electric co-op only means that heating your home with electric is equal to winning a reverse lottery where you give all your money away.

The tree in the middle of this picture is not an over achiever that shed all of it's leaves before every other tree. This tree is my fire wood for the winter because this beautiful black oak in my front yard died last year.

Do you see my problem? The wood burner is not big enough for me to get this entire tree in at one time and I have a problem using a chain saw. My main problem with the chain saw is that I can't start it....which means I can't use it for anything but juggling, which is something I would kill myself trying do in my spare time.

(notice my neighbors new house and garage in the background)

This is not my chimney. This is a smoke stack from a power plant we drove by when we were traveling recently and I just put my camera up in the windshield and snapped pictures to see what I would end up with. I like this picture for some reason but have no idea what to do with it.
DD and one of her very best friends love to hang out together. I can't figure out how they hang out, talk to their boyfriends on the phone and still carry on full conversations. They can do this for hours on end and it would definitely give me a headache. This is why we still have 2 land lines. We got them when DS lived at home but never had it removed for just such an occasion. We also have 4 cell phones which gives us a total of 6 phone numbers.

My last random thought for the evening.....DS called to tell me he was coming here to stay all night. I love when he does that but I am a little confused as to why he is coming tonight. I asked if his girlfriend was gone to her parents for the weekend and he said no she was next door in her apartment. My thought process is probably a little screwy on this but I am trying to figure out why before he gets here. My guesses are 1. all of his underwear is dirty. 2. He and g/f are fighting. 3. He is out of money (which has never happened since he moved and I'm pretty sure he is doing well financially.) 4. Is there something he wants to tell me face to face? (which could lead to an entire post all its own.)
Guess I will just sit around and think it to death until he gets here and probably just wants to visit, which I will enjoy.
Edit- I hit publish and the doorbell rang. It was DS with so much laundry he couldn't open the door..... I love that boy.


Monkling said...

Does this mean I should be glad I don't live in the country?

My son does his own laundry. It's the girl who brings it home. Of course for Steve to bring it home, it would mean a 4-5 hour drive each way...

kim-d said...

How cute are those two with the phones attached to their heads, anyway!!! Have I told you lately how much I just love your DD? What a serious cutie.

And I wanted to comment last night before DS came home, but was just better that I went to bed early. I just wanted to tell you that I think you completely missed the REAL reason why DS came home for the night. I think it was because sometimes he misses his Mom and needs to be around her. And her washer and dryer. Hehehe.

And now I also have this visual of Steve, driving feverishly through the night, with bag upon bag upon bag of laundry loaded into the back seat.

Do you know that everytime I visited my Mom, she would always do my laundry for me the day before I left to go back home? Even when I was 38 years old! And visiting her just because I missed her and needed to be around her.

And Katy? Thanks. You know what for.

Kellan said...

Cute post - good luck with that chainsaw and the laundry! Cute picture talking on the phones! See ya.

kim-d said...

Katy, Katy, Wherefore art thou, Katy? We need Katy news! Because we love you. Seriously.