Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tis the season

No not the Christmas season, in Ohio it is now hunting season, which is much more important to quite a few people, including those of us who have had to replace windshields, bumpers and hoods from the deer. Why, you may ask, am I underlining every word of this post? Because I can not figure out how the underlining got started and I have no idea how to stop it. I'm sure if I spent 3 minutes looking around in this little blog world I would figure it out but it took me 30 minutes to upload these pictures and I really have more important things to do, like eat more hot tamales and snickers bars clean my bathroom and do laundry.
Back to my original reason for this post. It is hunting season in Ohio. To give you an idea how this affects me let me show you around my little slice of Ohio.
If you walk out my front door and look straight ahead this is what you will see.

If you look to the right (what happened to my underlining now, and my color, this thing is crazy!) Anyway if you look to the right this is what you will see. Do you see the house on the top of the hill?

If you look to the left, you will see this. There is a nice little spot up there I used to love to go to and just sit and watch deer and squirrels.

If you walk out my back door this is what you will see. Is anyone sensing a theme here?

No matter where you are if you look down you will see this, which is yet another dropped off animal. I think this is about the 8th one this year. This has absolutely nothing to do with this post but since the kitten tripped me 3 times while I was trying to take pictures I thought I would include her, she must be feeling left out.

This week no matter where you look, no matter which way you turn when you walk out any door you will see something that looks like this.

I have nothing against the hunters. Superhubby used to hunt back when he had the time and energy to get up at 4AM and walk into the freezing woods with a backpack full of coffee, gun ammunition and dry gloves. I actually appreciate the hunters thinning down the herds around here because they have gotten completely out of hand. I do, however, cringe each and every one of the 27 times a day that someone shoots at a deer. It echo's off of these hills and every shot within a couple of miles sounds like someone is shooting right outside your door. I also have no curtains on my family room windows. My family room looks straight out into the woods behind the house. No one is ever back there other than during hunting season so I never felt the need to put up curtains over my pretty arched windows. This time of year I find myself wondering who is out there, can they see me, does this mean I have to wear clean underwear AND a bra? Could a hunter see if I had a bra on from out in the woods? They do use binoculars to hunt but frankly I am not binocular material so I am just going with the idea that they will keep looking for the 4 legged deer. There have been many times in my life when I look out and see hunters, uhh, relieving themselves in the woods, but I don't use binoculars....well not for that I'm looking for squirrels.


Monkling said...

At the very beginning of your post, there is a u in brackets or whatever you call it. That's what is making it underline the entire thing. Delete that and the end tag at the end of that first paragraph, which will look like /u. (I can't type in the tag brackets because then Blogger thinks I'm writing code. It's those things above the , and . key.)

Kellan said...

I love the pictures and the beautiful view - but honestly, I loved the underline thing - it made me laugh out loud!!! Take care. Kellan

kim-d said...

See? See? Your blog is possessed, too! The Blog Warlock finally decided to stop goofing with my pix and came over and started underlining for you instead. HAHA. That's what you and Monkling get for making fun of me! Pretty soon the only type color will be hot pink and everything will be in italics. But, that is a beautiful kitteh--looks like a Maine Coon, which people pay lots of money for but which are high maintenance with all that fur. How could someone just dump such a beautiful animal--or any animal, for that matter. That makes me very sad. And I want to rub noses with Frank and Nancy and give them treats. On the other hand, your Elmer Fudd picture makes me happy and I'm going to try to pirate it off your post when I get home.

Oh, and they're calling them "squirrels" these days? HAHAHA!