Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just donate my body to science.

I hit 4o last year full speed ahead. I didn't sneak up on it or try to act like I was really 35 and 40 wasn't there waiting for me. I hit 40 hard. Have you ever heard the saying "the best of both worlds?" Well I think 40 hit me with full force of the worst of both worlds. There are so many things about this "aging" me that I need to figure out. Things I am not sure I want to know, but I don't think the alternative to finding out is preferable. Some things are simple....Just how much support can you buy in a bra? How long can I keep sprinting to bathrooms when I start coughing?
I've noticed my shopping lists are getting odder. That is where the weirdness that is middle age really stands out. This list is a list of things I have purchased in the last few weeks...........most do not go together.
1. tampons
2. kotex pads
3. pregnancy test..(ok that was a fluke and I was a couple of days late and didn't want to take
some medicine unless I was completely sure)
4. acne medicine
5. fixadent
6. efferdent

SH didn't see # 3.....that may have led us to have to invest in a heart monitor.


Monkling said...

Wait til 50. Did you see the quote I have in my sidebar about middle age? I don't feel a day older than 49.

Monkling said...

Oh, and how are you feeling? Those antibiotics should have kicked in by now. Doing sprints now?

kim-d said...

WHAT? You never said anything...well, not that you would have. I mean, why would I think you would say something to Monk and/or me if you didn't say anything to SH. Now, here's the million dollar question. We you secretly just a little disappointed when it was negative?

And, yeah, how are you feeling? I am good, but I still think I need different antibiotics.