Wednesday, November 07, 2007

An update already?

So I am on something like day 500 of this cold/pneumonia thing. I can finally breathe a little and if I don't try to run upstairs I can keep breathing. I had a week where if I walked from the family room to the bathroom I could not get enough air in to keep from getting light headed. The interesting thing is that no one in this house has gotten sick from being around me. I guess I am keeping my germs self contained.
SH has been, umm, grumpy the last few weeks. He is completely covered up at work and with all his little old ladies. Every single morning when he tries to get ready to go work on the house from h*ll before his real workday starts some little old woman calls....and then another calls, and they need something done today. It can't wait until the other house is finished. They have a plant that needs mulched, oil that needs changed or something as stupid and unimportant. I just want him to be able to finish this house so he can spend a little time with us that isn't stress filled.
DD is doing great at school. She has been busy as a bee and this weekend is going to be even busier.
I am going to hit publish, even though this post is about absolutely nothing....kinda like Seinfeld.


Ann Marie said...


I think the smooches infected us all.. I am now with holding all smooches until further notice

Monkling said...

When I had pneumonia, no one else caught it. Hope those drugs are doing their magic and that you're feeling better.

kim-d said...

Katy? Katy? Wherefore art thou, Katy? I just went over to Ann Marie's and told her she is a SMOOCH NAZI. People don't understand that those of us with the crud need love, too. I'm feeling better, but I think I should be feeling better beyond the better I'm feeling. Ya know? Hehehe. What did DD decide for this weekend? You know what I hope for!!!! I miss ya.