Saturday, December 01, 2007

For the last few weeks I have been working on a top secret, undercover, covert...uhh....hiney widening project with my friends Monkling and Kim. We all love recipes. We love sharing recipes and trying out new recipes. I especially love it if other people try out recipes and I just taste test, but that doesn't happen often around here. So we decided to work together and make a recipe blog. We want to share our recipes with you, and get new ones from you. When you get done reading this I ask you to go to and look at our recipes and see if there are any you want to add from your collection. If you would like to add one just email me at or
I have one little favor to ask, if you look in the side bar of the cooking blog you will notice some links to charities. We are asking that you make a donation to one of the charities in the side bar. We have no ties with any of them and the links take you directly to their donation site. This is just a way to help some people while we all get to play around with some new recipes. This is an honor system type thing completely so we are only asking you to donate and the rest is up to you. Have a great weekend.....and make something new for your family!


Ann Marie said...

Katy.. honey.. I need a favor..
Can you send your name and address to my email address please????

Kellan said...

I'm not a good cook. I am determined to start trying some of these recipes you good cooks have posted. I appreciate these new sites and I will go over. Thanks, Kellan