Thursday, December 27, 2007

What I didn't want for Christmas

I got a new dvd player for Christmas and SH had to hook it up... I really wanted that.

I also got a blow dryer, mixing bowls, a mixer, a flash for my camera, lotions, a blanket wrap to keep warm with, a new willow tree angel from DD, blank dvd's and a couple of movies from DS, a pretty sign from an aunt that just says simplify, candles, dish towels and some berry vines from other Aunts and a cousin or two....and a cd from my cousin with a song she wrote in 2001 called "Grandma's house on Christmas eve" Which is what we did every year from the time we were born until the Christmas of 2002 when Grandma was no longer with us. I cry just opening the cd case so listening to it may take awhile.
The most popular thing being passed around Christmas eve, which is now at my Aunts house, is one gift I hope I don't get.... a horrible stomach virus. It started with my cousin the next night... my mom the day after Christmas and now has went through 4 Uncles and one Aunt... so far. Since I spent Christmas day with my mom, and she didn't come down with it until early the next morning I am still not in the clear....every twinge makes me think I am going to start puking. People from my family and SH's family are on their way in for our second Christmas celebrations this coming weekend... if we all aren't puking.... wish me luck!


Kellan said...

Oh, I hope you all stay well and it sure sounds like you had a really great Christmas - I'm glad - we did also. Take care and stay well. Kellan

claudia said...

EW! I hope you don't get that nasty virus. I'm sending good health vibes to you right now!
Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I really need them now. I did start writing about my daughter. But this is mostly the good stuff about her. It may take me awhile to get to the today her. But thanks for being here. It does help to know I have some caring arms out there in internet world to give me a hug.
Oh and Happy New Year!

kimmy said...

We didn't get a horrible stomach virus for Christmas, we just got a real nasty cold. I'm still in the clear, but my husband is currently sneezing all over the bed and probably my pillow!!!!


kim-d said...

Still all clear? How many down for the count after last night? I'm around; hope to talk to you on IM...

If not, Happy-Day-Before-New-Year's-Eve, Katy!!! Hehehe