Thursday, December 06, 2007

On love and marriage

I have no idea where that title came from, just a thought as I started typing and it makes me sound like an expert... which I am most definately NOT. I was just thinking today about how marriage changes over the years and the difference age makes in your life.
Remember those early years when, to your husband at least, you always looked like this....and every night was like a romantic trip to Paris, or at least to a romantic motel. You didn't have to go anywhere to feel like you were in the most special place in the world..... his arms.

During those same early years you husband looked exactly like this. Even if he didn't look exactly like this he looked close enough to it that you thought he did. When he lay in bed it looked just like this to you, you could tell he was just there waiting on you.

Back then you could do amazing things with your body. You could put your legs and back in some odd positions and not need pain killers the next day, or a chiropractor.

Your children, when they were born, were going to have the most perfect mother, the one that worked (or stayed home) but also baked cookies and took care of the dog.

Then a few dozen years go by. Things start to change and those nights of Paris like bliss are replaced by quickies during naptime. Your wonderful children are still wonderful but you can not figure out how the future President of the United States is ever going to get to the Oval office if he can't figure out how to tie his shoes.

Sometime you feel like this is what you must look like to your husband. Stressful days do not alway make for the most romantic nights.

That handsome prince you married looks like this most of the time. Not that there is anything wrong with this, it just makes you use your imagination a little more. This man has flowers in his tool box. Superhubby doesn't bring me flowers other than the ones stuck to the bottom of his shoes after he mows the yard. I will take what I can get. I'm just glad that SH has a toolbox and knows how to use it...

My entire point to this post was that even though things change (some a lot, like the size of my butt) there is always a bright side to everything. I know that SH is busy but soon he will be a little less busy and then he will find time to spend at home with me, which will probably make us both crazy, but I'm willing to take the chance.


kim-d said...

Katy, I think this is the most incredible post you've ever done. Take it from me--cherish every butt-crack, quickie-during-nap-time, working-together-on-the-house-from-hell moment of it. It all goes by so fast. But no matter what stage you're at, as you know, you are just so lucky to have it with someone you love and who loves you. There is not anything that will ever compare to that! I love this post.

Renée said...

Just wondering, do you have a phone number for the guy in the second picture?

I kid, I kid! :-)

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

And, when he is less busy, he better bring you MORE than chicken salad!! Tell him I said do!!


Monkling said...

Okay, this is so strange how you posted something on a theme of what I was just talking to Theresa about. Were you listening to our conversation? I can't even remember how the topic came up but we got on this whole thing about how love and marriage change over time and how some people seem to expect it not to. How when it does change, they think it means they're not in love anymore. I don't think I was quite as funny as you, though.

katy said...

I think it is something young people should know before they get married don't you Monkling. If we all ran out and got a divorce as soon as things weren't going perfect no one would be married because all marriages have little bumps along the way.
I do think that is the reason for the high divorce rate. I do understand there are many reasons people get divorced but I bet a pretty good percentage of them would be together 20 years later if they had just given it a chance.

kim-d said...

Good Morning Katy!

I agree with you 100%. There, of course, are deal breakers in marriage and for those, one should not stay. However, some of that little crap that people tend to blow out of proportion? Work through it rather than giving up. Marrying Bill was the best thing I did, and I think you and Monkling feel the same way about SH and Frank. Which is why, when the time comes, I think both DD and Theresa are going to have great marriages. They have seen great marriages, and they have good parents. Tracy has been married 13happy years and I'd like to think that her Dad and I helped her to see the way a marriage could be. Love and marriage and kids and friends? THAT'S LIFE, BABY...THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!! :)