Monday, December 03, 2007

That is exactly why I did it

I have mentioned before that SH is not the least bit romantic. I have grown used to it and really don't mind at all, even though sometimes I give him a little bit of a hard time about it. About the time I think it's time to start teasing him again he goes and does something nice. I didn't say romantic, I said nice, which in his world is the same thing and I am so very happy with that.
In Ironton there is a little store call Bartram's that sells chicken salad. I love me some chicken salad but only a few people make it the way I like it. I have been wanting to get in there and get some for the last few weeks but for some reason it never works out that I am in there when they are open or we get half way home and realize we forgot and don't want to go back and add 15 or 20 miles to our trip.
Today I had to go to DD's school to watch Beta club inductions and SH had to go to the dentist and then stop by my parents house to help my dad with something. I called in there a few minutes ago to see if he had left and mom said he left 45 minutes ago. She said right after he left she went to Bartram's and SH was there buying chicken salad. Now SH isn't a big chicken salad fan and I only mentioned to him once about a week ago that I really wanted some of their chicken salad. That, my friends, is why I feel so lucky and love this man so much.
Don't forget to check out the cooking blog.....does anyone have a good chicken salad recipe?


kim-d said...

I'm really, really picky about chicken salad, too...what kind do you like? I think that is a very romantic thing for SH to do. Anything that makes you happy and that you don't have to beg for? I say it qualifies as romantic!

Kellan said...

That is so sweet. I love a good chicken salad too - I like Arby's chicken salad sandwish a lot and have a post coming up on that very thing!! Take care and he's a keeper - that's for sure. Kellan

Monkling said...

Frank is so similar to SH! Well except that he's not uh, what you'd call 'handy.' Romance is all a matter of perception. Our guys are practical romantics.

kim-d said...

I'm back to weigh in again on the chicken salad issue...HAHAHA. If you really want prolific amounts of comments from me, just talk about food! Kellan is right...the Arby's chicken salad is about the best I have ever had, and it's really excellent when you get it as a wrap because it seems like there is so much more. I like more!

And I agree 110% with Monk; it is all a matter of perception. One of the things Bill did for me that I found extremely romantic was cleaning the house every Friday. And the thing that he really loved that I did for him? Well, except that...he liked it that he never had to worry about running out of deodorant; he knew there was always another one there because I made sure of it. And also that he never ran out of underwear!

And SH loves you and wants you with him when he's being all studly with his many tools! That's romantic, too! :)