Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sometimes I forget the rules

We have spent a lot of time lately looking at the LOL cats website.....these guys make me giggle.

I know exactly what this little fellow is talking about.

Yesterday I was watching tv and looked around and thought....."I need to paint this room." So now my family room looks like this.
Right now I am waiting on my drywall patches to dry so I can sand and paint.

I forgot, in the midst of the excitement of getting a room painted, that there is a right way to paint. I have my own painting rules. I usually get started, complain or splash paint on something and SH sighs really big and finishes it for me. I didn't think before I got started that SH won't be home much until Sunday.....I'm on my own. Be afraid, be very afraid.

If no one hears from me for a few days send the paint police.


kim-d said...

Katy, I miss you so much! So much, in fact, that I would even help you paint if I could see you...BWAHAHAHA! Don't you just love LOL I Can Has Cheezburger? You also know about the one with dogs, right? It's "I Has A Hot Dog." You guys have got to see it! And, of course, Cute Overload. I love the "butter my butt" one...I'm stealing it, okay?

I'll be back at some point this weekend. Don't smell too many paint fumes...HA!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Opening the IGUANA ourselves ia an EXCELLENT idea!! You get to drink for free for suggesting it!!

kimmy said...

Painting is so much fun! Hallie helped me paint when I first moved into our house and we had a blast!

Good luck!