Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Misc. and other such stuff

Nothing much to talk about today so I thought I would put up a few pictures and see where they took me.
This is the Ohio River from the Ashland, Ky. bridge. I took this while not watching where I was going while I was looking straight ahead and watching traffic. I just loved the sunshine on the hills and the beautiful sky. The Ohio river is polluted and nasty so you can't eat anything you catch in it. We took our pontoon out in it a few times but no one wanted to get in the water. There are dozens of stories about the men who were building these bridges seeing catfish the size of a car. Whether those stories are true or not I have no idea and I, for one, am not going to find out.

This is the sun setting in Proctorville, Ohio. This is still right beside the river only about 5 miles downriver. Instead of Kentucky being on the other side here W.V. is. This time I stopped to take the picture.
Last years reunion picture of SH and DD. (This is for you Lanny)

This week is flying by as I'm sure every week will between now and the start of school. Since my hours got cut I can sleep in 5 days a week and only HAVE to be up before 7 AM 2 days. I do enjoy the sleeping in a bit but it makes me lazy (lazier if you ask SH or DD.)

I am afraid I started something when I was at my parents house yesterday. My mom was telling me when she got up yesterday morning there was a tiny puppy on her porch that looked like a yellow lab. She took it down the street to a neighbors house that had a fence and was going to look for the puppies owner. DD and I walked over to see it and it was the most ADORABLE puppy I have seen for a long time so.....I told the lady if no one came to get it she could call me. Why those words came out of my mouth I have no idea. Puppies are as bad as babies, every time I see one I wish I had one.....but puppies don't cause their owners to go into labor and panic over college costs, but then again you don't get to have nearly as much fun getting a puppy.


Lanny said...

He looks SO friendly! :) He's got such a gentle and warm smile.

Those pictures are amazing. I'd freak if I saw a catfish the size of a car. When we used to go over the Mississippi river bridge, my cousin used to talk about all the people who got buried in the cement when they were building the bridge. He'd also tell me about the alligators below that would keep their mouths open under the bridge just in case somebody fell in. Ack!

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Love the sunset picture : )

kim-d said...

Hey you! Miss you! And I also love the new look; I'm gonna go over to that place and take a look around cause your page is really pretty!

Hey, ya know that link you sent me? I have been trying to get it to work, and it JUST.WILL.NOT. In fact, it won't even let me answer your e-mail! Weird. I WANNA SEE THE PIX!!!