Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ramblings of a semi-sane person

Last night, in the dark now very weedless cemetery I noticed something I do that most people would probably proclaim odd.....I talk to the umm.....residents, inhabitants, deceased or whatever you call them. I was on my knees in the pitch dark with a tiny flashlight picking up flowers around tombstones so my husband could weed eat and I realized I was having this conversation.
Hello John and dutiful wife and loving mother Anna. Did you realize, John, that you have been dead for umm... 1874, now it 2008 umm, like 134 years. Oh Anna, I see you died much earlier, you were only....umm....add, more mathematical crap, 28 when you died. Oh and these two small headstones with babies names on them...they were born when Anna would have been 19 and crap I suck at math, 23 years old. How sad you must have been to lose 2 babies. I wonder if you had any children that lived? I wonder if 100 years ago there were grandchildren and your adult children standing here, putting flowers on your headstone and missing you? Did you die trying to add to your family or was it one of those things that happened back then when a bad cold could kill you if you weren't careful? Here are your flowers back. Well hello Amos and loving wife Sarah. Wow Amos you outlived Sarah by crap again add, subtract, etc. 30 years. Oh Amos I see now, you have another wife buried beside you....also named Sara but spelled different. She was( note to self: bring a calculator if you are going to talk to dead people) 15 when the first Sarah died so you must have married her later . I see that Sara number 2 outlived you by quite a few years. I wonder if after you died she ever dated, had an affair or if she just stayed at the farm for 25 years and fed chickens. I see that beside your tombstones there are buried rocks with no stones on them. Would those be children of yours and one of the Sarah/Sara's? Did one, or both of your wives have children that you buried here yourself?
While I have all of your attention, listen up John and Amos, we have stuff today that you never would have believed could be possible. When we want to be cool we just hit a switch and it turns on a machine that cools the air in our homes as cool as we want it. When we want new clothes, or groceries we just go to a store and buy them. When I want to know what is going on anywhere in the entire world I just turn on this box in my house we call television. It can show me the news from anywhere. Someone can be standing in China talking and I can watch it as it happens from my very cool home. When I want to go to town I jump in my car, turn on the air conditioning, radio and go. No horses, no wagons and I can get there fast....and back fast. There are so many things you would never have dreamed of but I have a question for you; what was it like when you had to rely on each other. When you worked hard together to make a life for yourself and your family. What was it like when you all set together on the porch in the evenings and just talked to each other? When being ill meant the neighbors fed your family and helped with your work and your neighbors knew if they were ill you would do that same? What were those days like John and Amos and how can I get just a little of that back?


kim-d said...

Ruh Roh. I sense Empty Nest Syndrome coming on. That causes people to go all introspective that way, and talk to dead people. Well, apparently, it makes YOU talk to dead people anyway! BWAHAHAHA...

Seriously, this was a neat post, Katy. There is something about old, old graves that makes you wonder about those people's lives. When I was a teen, my across-the-street-friend and I used to ride our bikes out in the country to this little OLD church that had a cemetary beside it. We spent hours trying to read those stones from the 1800's and piece together the relationships and lives. With the number of children that died back then, it's a wonder any of us are here now!

To my way of thinking, that means we have to enjoy what we have right here and right now, to the fullest. That's sometimes easier said than done, but so worth it.

Have a safe and happy 4th!

Lanny said...

Do you ever wonder what people 100 years from now will think about our lives? Will they think we had practically no technology? Will it be like the Jetsons (haha)?

I LOVE older stuff. I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie for years, and still love to watch it. I can't wait to read the books to Linus. I even read Farmer Boy to my students and we made ice cream like they did way back then. Life seemed so much simpler then. Yes, they did a lot of hard work, and illness was always potentially fatal, but they stuck together and made it through, you know?

What a great post!

Have a wonderful 4th!

Kellan said...

Happy 4th Of July to you and your family. Have fun and be safe - Kellan

Phila said...

This is great info to know.