Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Musings

We had a wonderful weekend with SH's family. They are a weird rambunctious bunch, but they are SH's family and therefore my family also.
We had a house full all weekend, including my SIL and her 3 boys that stayed here.....Koko does not normally like people other than her "people" but for some reason she enjoyed these boys and climbed right up with them on couches or chairs and enjoyed having them around. When we have company it is usually a miserable time for her and wears her completely out, but this time I think she is worn out from all the fun she had with the boys. She was snoring extremely loud when I took this picture and the flash just made her open one eye for a minute and then go right back to sleep. She would probably stay right here for a day or two if she could just get us to bring her food and water (-;

Last night after everyone left, SH and I climbed on the four wheeler and took off for my BIL's farm. We were going blackberry hunting but couldn't find any. There are thousands of vines and some red berries but someone is either picking them before we get there or they are falling off. I think my dreams of making blackberry jam and sending some to my bloggy buddies is fading fast.
While we were riding the 4wheeler through the woods and up and down cliffs hills I saw so many things I wanted to take pictures of.....indention's in the fields where mommy deer had rested with their babies, trees that were hundreds of years old and growing in odd shapes. I don't think I will make it with a camera because I spend most of my time sliding half way off the 4 wheeler seat and yelling at SH to let me off to walk....he loves it when I do that.


Monkling said...

Okay so next time you go out in that 4wheeler, bring along a harness or something so that you won't fall out of your seat. That way you can take photos of all the sorts of things I'd never get to see around here.

Kellan said...

While growing up, I spent a lot of time at my dear grandfather's farm, picking many a blackberry - love um!

Take care - Kellan

Lanny said...

That is the cutest picture ever. The funniest ever is the post above. :)