Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My very long day

My day started early. I went to bed about 1 AM, the dog woke me up at 1:20, back to sleep about 1:45 and up at 3AM. Why was I up at a time of morning that no one but Kim-D usually sees? Today was the day I went on a quick road trip to meet my sister and get my niece for her annual summer visit. I had driven 5 hours, met my sister and got my niece and was on the way home by 9:15 AM. I was at home and ready to relax by 3PM. Then Superhubby came home....he can not just relax.

We needed to finish mowing the cemetery where SH's parents are buried. He and I drove out there and mowed until 10PM......yes at 10PM I was pulling weeds around tombstones in a cemetery out a very deserted dirt road....With a flashlight. Not only is it pitch black out, we have seen copperheads in this cemetery quite a few times. It was either that or go back out there tomorrow and finish and I did not want to do that. You would think after my run in with whatever was at the museum last week I would stay away from places where there could possibly be any weird stuff.
Leaving you now with a picture of the view from one of the rest area's we stopped at today...

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Lanny said...

I'm so happy you've got your niece now! Glad the trip was safe.

And what were you thinking going to a cemetery in the pitch black to pick weeds? All I could think about while I read was last week's events! Ack! And copperheads? That just makes me shiver! I am NOT a snake person at all.

You and SH are such GREAT people! We need more of y'all in the world!