Saturday, May 17, 2008


It is the weekend and I am so glad! I would do the happy dance but I would probably hurt myself.
I do not have a lot planned this weekend. DD and her best friend are going to Gus Macker today. (Gus Macker is a one on one outdoor basketball tournament) Gus Macker comes to town once a year and boys drive for miles to play.
I recently signed up to docent at the local historical museum with my DD. I love this old house and I love to read about the history of places like this so it should be interesting to do. There are tons of interesting stories about things that happened in this house, including some deaths. There was one very kind old preacher that died in this house and I think he is still there....there have been a couple of times when DD has been scared out of her wits in this house...but it is still so interesting and pretty she keeps going back.
If any of you ever happen to be driving through Ironton, Ohio....(but then why would you) stop in and say hi to Rev. John Rankin....he'll leave the light on for you.


kim-d said...

Oh Katy, that house/museum is incredible! You never told me how beautiful it is. The reason why someone would be driving through Ironton, Ohio, I would imagine, would be if they were on their way to visit you. Which I would REALLY love to do sometime. It is happy at your place, and you have the K kids who I love. I want to be there.

And about that Happy Dance stuff. You would definitely hurt yourself. Or the house. So, instead, do this. 1) Sit on couch or in favorite chair. 2) Unwrap Oreo Cakester. 3) Take a big bite. And another. 4) Smile contentedly. 5) Do the Happy Dance in your mind.

See? Same result, no injuries :)! Yup, yup, I AM a good friend.

Monkling said...

I think me & Kim should take a trip out there. Just don't plan it for May. I am going to need to sit on my butt and do nothing at all for months after this May.

Ann Marie aka Carly said...

that house is beautiful!!!!

Hey girlie.. missed ya but I am back.. and blogging.. thought you would want to know..