Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today was trick or treat and charlie brown and peppermint patty did the rounds of town. Why is it that my son, who would not go trick or treating after he turned 8, will go now that he is 19?

I have been away from blogger for a few days....I have a miserable cold AND my doctor started me on a water pill.....coughing and a water pill when you are 40 and have had 2 kids is not a fun combination. Now I am going to go make me a bed....on the potty.


kim-d said...

BWAHAHAHA--a bed on the potty! Good thinking, because you're probably at the point where you wouldn't be able to breathe if you were lying down, anyway. May as well save the effort of running to and from the potty and just camp there...hehehe!

Well, I think Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty are just incredibly cute...she REALLY looks like Peppermint Patty!

Monkling said...

Hey, I saw your son in San Antonio! The kids in Theresa's dorm go trick or treating, too.

Feel better! Or else!

kim-d said...

Hi Katy~