Sunday, October 07, 2007

Home again home again etc......

We had a great weekend! I really love Amish country and needed to get away with SH for a few days. The Amish have always amazed me with their ability to live the way they do in today's spoiled society. There are so many different types of Amish that live in Ohio. the Beachy Amish, New order Amish, Old order Amish, Swartzen???Amish etc. They have their own sets of rules and someone that studies a little can usually tell by looking. Some have windshields and slow moving vehicle signs on their buggies, some orders forbid these. Some wear all dark clothes, some allow some light colors. I could tell you so much about them, but I will save it for another day.

A few pictures from this weekend. I missed so many great pictures because I couldn't get a picture without them seeing me. When we were shopping Friday night a buggy pulled up to the ATM machine across from us and the man took out some money. I would have loved to take a picture of that but his entire family could see me and I couldn't do that when I know they ask you not to. We also saw a huge "gang" of Amish teens riding bikes through town but again they would have seen me take the picture so I didn't.

This one we took from inside the car. I was surprised to see a family in a topless buggy. I know they ride around in them some but most topless buggies I see are men going to work or the courting buggies of young men.

They also ride around like this quite often. They have battery powered flashers on the bikes for after dark.

We spent a lot of time at some of the dozens of places like feet still hurt, but I bought some stuff I really like I will show you later. Right now I am trying to pick out new paint colors for my dining room because the stuff I bought doesn't go with what I have.....SH loves it when I do things like that;-)

This horse did exactly what he was supposed to and stopped at the stop sign. I don't see how they don't get run over, traffic is awful and everyone drives way too fast.

I just loved this Amish farm, which was the view from the parking lot of the Der Dutchman restaurant....yum!

This morning as we were leaving the Amish were all going to church. They have their church at members homes and one must have lived past the Inn we were staying at because there were dozens that went by, all the men in black and all the woman in white.

We left there at 9 this morning and the 4 and a half hour trip took us 6 hours due to some flea markets that were open on the way home. We got about 30 minutes from home and a few of the local Amish were headed home from church so we saw them too.


kim-d said...

Oh, how cool! I'd love to do a weekend like that, and I just might sometime. If I'm not mistaken, all I would have to do is drive towards Winona, a mere couple of hours from here. I must start to research this! I'd really be interested in hearing about all the different orders if you ever get the urge to talk about it! And we definitely need to talk paint colors; that, I'm a pro at!!! HAHA!

Even though I whined about you being gone too long and missing you, I'm so glad you and SH got to get away! Now, back to the regularly scheduled program, and bring on the little old women--SH's own particular version of a harem :)!!!!

Monkling said...

For Christmas you need a zoom lens. Then you can sneak photos from half a mile away and they'll never know.