Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

What a busy week. SH is on vacation, but I still don't see him much because his L.O.L's have him busy all week. He comes home at bedtime...sigh. I still go to work, no vacation time with my job.
Last night my niece gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I have been at the hospital the last two nights taking pictures. I have so many but I shouldn't post any because she doesn't know about my blog and it isn't fair to put other peoples kids pictures up here without their knowledge. He is a chunky little guy, 8lbs. 7oz. at birth. I'm looking forward to a little cuddle time with him soon.
I have had a nice time at the hospital. Oddly enough my best friend in high school married B and B's sister married SH's brother. Confusing? What it amounts to is that my best friend in high school and I are both Great Aunts to the new baby. We don't get together much anymore but it is fun when we do because we both turn right back into teenagers.....and giggle like 16 year old girls.
I hope to get some pictures up of my purchases last weekend.....whenever I am home before 10P.M.


Monkling said...

I can't imagine having a baby that's over 6 lbs. Yes, both of mine were little. That might, of course, be because both were early.

kim-d said...

Awww...a new baby boy; how wonderful! And also getting to giggle like a 16-year-old with your friend! All I can think is, there must be some powerful stuff in those prenatal vitamins; sorta like Miracle-Gro for babies :)...hehehe!

Can't wait to see what you purchased...