Friday, October 26, 2007

Answers to all your burning questions....

I've been so very busy and I haven't felt great lately and because of this I have gotten behind on my email, blogs and housework. I thought I would take this opportunity to answer some emails that I have been remiss in answering. I wish I was taking this opportunity to mop floors and dust, but email must be answered. I do, after all , have my priorities straight.
1. Mr. Mclean Peters - I can not believe you went to all the trouble to track me down....from London. How much exactly in U.S. dollars is 3 million, eight hundred thousand pounds? How much of that am I going to end up with? I think I will go ahead and quit my job, who needs to go to work with that much money just waiting for them.
2. Colin Mclain- I would love to make big bucks returning 10-20 calls a day and sharing information with people. I know, from personal experience how much people enjoy getting phone calls from people who just want to share.
3. Stuart Landry- Canadian pharmacy sounds like a wonderful company. I'm sure that a large, well ran company such as yours only sends random emails to people because your prices are so low you just want to share the love with everyone.
4. Natalie Santana- I'm not sure what makes you think I would prefer my vibrator to my husband? Who came up with a name like Megad*k for your company? I'll let you know if I need your services in the future but for now, I will stick to my SH. I notice your email says if I use your product people will say "your pen*s is unique." If I grow one at my age and with the whole being a female thing, then I guess it would be unique.
5. Bernie Callahan- I really hope no one at my server reads my email. You are one of the 5 or 6 people who email me every day and the title says "I won't forget last night." Darn I must be good....You, on the other hand, must really suck because I do not remember you at all, nor do I remember the other people who won't forget me after last night. If I can't remember you then maybe you need to get in touch with Natalie from #4. I understand she has something that may make you a little more memorable.
6. Ramona Erwin- I'm happy that you want to keep my kitty kat happy but once again....who came up with a name like mega*ik?
7. Callie Mcmillan- I'm not sure why you are emailing me with an offer to umm "increase the size of my member" because I don't have a member. In my life I have been a member of the 4-h club. I have been a member of the PTO and I served as vice president.....but I have never HAD a member.
8. Mason Woodard- I'm starting to get a little self-conscious. Who has been telling you about my Umm member? Why does everyone think I need megadi*? If I had a member I would probably be staring at it right now while I rocked back and forth and cried like a baby......If I had a member it would totally rock.....and be better than yours!
9. Bryce Welch- I DO NOT NEED MEGADI*... not now....not ever.


kim-d said...

So where does one get this Megad*k? IF there was one--not me, of course--who, perchance, was in the market for such a thing? HAHAHAHA!

katy said...

I'll save an email with the address just in case you find someone who needs it....;-)

kim-d said...

Katy, Katy, wherefore art thou, Katy? Thanks for the IM'ing this weekend--it was great! I love chatting with you...