Thursday, October 11, 2007

Randomness once again

I worry about this little guy. Yes it is a buck and when he is close you can see his little horns. He is somewhere between a button buck and an adult. He hangs around my yard like he owns it. I can walk outside and he stops and looks at me, but doesn't move. I can softly say "hi little guy" and he cocks his head to one side and watches me. We seem to have a sort of understanding between us, both of us too interested in the other to walk away. Neither of us wanting to give first, him not wanting to give up his acorns, me not wanting to give up that peaceful feeling that comes from watching him, even though he is probably the thief that eats my garden. Even if he is a thief he is a peaceful thief that will not hurt me, unless he walks out in front of my car, like most of his cousins do.

Last weekend in Amish country we did lots of walking....lots of shopping. It was also 90 degrees. We stopped at the Inn a few times during the day to lay around in the air conditioning and relax...which is what DD is doing here. Can you tell she took her own pillows?

Remember the homecoming pictures I showed you (and showed you, and showed you?) This picture is right before the dance..........

Same day earlier. Our school has a homecoming week, every day something different. One day is known as Slave day (I know, not very PC) The day before, some students get auctioned off to the highest bidder, who for the entire next day can decide what their "slave" wears and what they do. The school keeps an eye on this because obviously it could get out of hand quickly but with a high school student body of under 400 it's pretty easy to keep things under control. Students spend their lunch time washing their owners cars, cleaning their lockers or just carry their owners books to class. The money raised takes underprivileged children in the district shopping at Christmas. The beta club or student council takes grade school children shopping right before Christmas break and buys them a couple new outfits, a coat, shoes, toys and a few things for any brothers or sisters not in school. The beta club also has an angel tree where students and their families can adopt a child for Christmas.

Yesterday SH was working on the house from h*ll in town and I went to help. I think I have some understanding now of how they let that house get as bad as it did. SH found this burnt, bent spoon with some powdery stuff on it and quite a few straws cut in various lengths. I have never been hooked on any illegal drugs, but I know what they can do to you....I hope whoever it is gets help before it is too late.

One more note........Bambi Jr. at the top of the page....remember him....he will definitely be in someones freezer soon. It is almost hunting season and he isn't scared enough to live through it. That fear is healthy in deer and this one seems to have been born with very little of it.


kim-d said...

Oh, that kid with DD at Homecoming is CUTE! I wish she liked HIM! :) I didn't realize she went with you two to Amish Country--for some reason I thought it was just you and SH. Don't know WHAT I thought DD would be doing while you guys went traipsing into Amish territory--DUH! I have a pair of squirrels in my backyard that are my equivalent of your Bambi Jr. They are BOLD and they just sort of tolerate me using their yard. They have such fun out there; it's kind of a hoot to watch!

Yup, that spoon tells the story. EWWW!

Monkling said...

I've always thought deer were pretty. I have been told that in places where they wander around in herds (or however they wander), destroying gardens, that they're not so cute. I hope to never find that out first hand because I still think they're pretty.