Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year everyone! I hope we can all make 2009 a wonderful year. The economy is so bad and a lot of us are worried about our jobs, but there isn't a thing we can do about it that worrying will fix.
I wish for each of you a year of love and friendship.
I wish for each of you a year filled with family, or friends that act as family.
I wish for each of you a year free from too much worry about the economy.
I wish for each of you a year free from major health worries.
There are so many more things I wish for each and every one of you, but I think you get the idea......Happy New year.


Mary Ellen said...

Happy New Year - may you have all the same, and more!

Kellan said...

I wish all these wonderful things for you too - Happy New Year, Katy!


kim-d said...

HAPPY 2009, DEAR KATY!!! All of the things that you wish for me? I wish them for you, too. Despite all of the things that point to 2009 being a less-than-stellar year, I think it is going to be fantastic. As long as we have family and friends and friends-that-are-family, it's all good.

What did I ever do without you? Thanks for hangin' in there with me for another year; it means the world to me.