Monday, January 19, 2009


Our search for the perfect prom dress is finally over. We searched high and low, and in 3 states but finally found the one she loved a couple of hours away, in our own state. This is, of course the back of the dress. I will share more when we get some better pictures.

Our prom dress search ended and the next day we had to start searching for a homecoming dress. That proved a little easier but she wasn't 100% happy with our final purchase. Homecoming is in a few weeks so we didn't have the luxury of time. I also wasn't in the mood (or the position) to spend a huge amount of money on a homecoming dress right after buying a prom dress. She has another dress she bought for homecoming a few years ago and changed her mind so if she isn't happy with the new one she has the other one she has never worn. I may get pictures to share and let you vote, just for her peace of mind. I think the dress we bought yesterday was adorable, but I guess when you are 18 adorable isn't what you are going for.
Today is a quiet, stay at home day. DD went to the mall because we haven't been to a mall in umm.....21 hours. (She just called and found another dress on sale for 6 dollars she thought might be good for homecoming.) I'm pretty sure between the 3 we might find the dress.....or not.
I'll try to get some pictures posted today or tomorrow.


kim-d said...

Oh yeah, we definitely need pictures of the Homecoming frocks. I forget about DD's Homecoming being at this time of year; ours here are always in late September/early October, shortly after the new school year starts. Whatever. Oh, this is so fun and exciting. Hurry with the pix, and give her a hug for me on finding that PERFECTO Prom dress.

Mary Ellen said...

I'd love to see some more photos. The one thing about having only boys is that they don't play dress up (usually).

I'll just enjoy your DD's gorgeousness instead.

Lanny said...

Ha! Wait 'til she gets married. I had two wedding dresses. Yes, two dresses one wedding.